The Journey

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The Journey

At Frank Bespoke your suit is custom-made from the moment you walk through the door. Each individual’s experience is tailor-made at every step of creation. Here are the six steps that go into creating your bespoke suit.

Step 1 : Cloth Selection

Before your perfect cloth can be selected, we like to get to know you. We want to understand who you are, what you like, how you spend your time and get an idea of your type of lifestyle. All to make your comfortable, one-of-a-kind suit. Together we select a cloth that best fits your form, complexion, taste and lifestyle.

Step 2 : Style & Measurement

The second step involves choosing the best suit style to fit your body’s form. We will find a style to highlight your best features. We will dress you according to your personality, frame and lifestyle. At this stage we will take your measurements, to ensure a perfect fit.

Step 3 : Pattern Make

Once we have received your cloth, we tailor-make a pattern just for you. The cloth is laid out beautifully and the pattern is chalked on- the old school way. At this stage we will let you know via email that your suit is being created and send you photos of the entire process. This way you are part of the making of your suit from start to finish.

Step 4 : Joining

Once the pattern has been successfully chalked onto your cloth, the pieces are carefully cut out and joined together. One step at a time, your suit begins to come alive.

Step 5 : Fitting

At this stage your suit is 70% made. We will invite you in for a scotch and a fitting to check the fit and finer details. We will help you to pick out your desired accessories that will give your suit that edge. Your suit then goes back into production to be finished off.

Step 6 : Completion

Upon completion of your bespoke suit, we will make sure every detail is to your specification and comfort. We can then admire you and your new look as you walk out our doors.