Frank Bespoke – Gentlemen’s Stories with Keshin Govender

We caught up with Keshin Govender at Shadowboxer in Greenside and chatted about the definition of passion and what inspires him.

Who are you?
I’m Keshin Govender. Born and raised in Durban, currently living in Johannesburg. A Marketier and Citizen of the World, Made in Africa.
What are you passionate about?
It’s never been an easy question to answer. Being passionate about something is the ultimate source of creativity. It comes from a moment, an interaction, an engagement – whether it’s a song I’m listening to or a piece of art that I’m experiencing its there if it connects with me. I feel it if I’m travelling a new country and I sit down with a local to see the city through their eyes or more recently experiencing life in a whole new context by rediscovering inspiration through my 1 year old daughter.
What makes you the person that you are?
The person that I am today has a lot to do with people I’ve grown up alongside and my family that shaped the rebellious, trouble-maker side of me – in fact it was encouraged. I grew up during a troubled time in South Africa’s history with my family at the coalface of the struggle against injustice. I have vivid memories from that time. Its that context that has created the person I am today and it’s why I continue be involved in conversations around the principles of sustainable peace, human rights and the democratic participation of people in all spheres of society.
What is success to you?
Success to me is defined by a sense of purpose and accomplishment. I measure my place in this world through a global sense of humanity. Asking the question everyday; what else can I do to contribute to a better world? If I have an answer to that question – that’s success. If I don’t – I try again.
What is your drink of choice?
Any really good IPA. A few years ago I couldn’t stand it – but being lucky enough to get to travel as often as I do, I get to sample the beers of the world and the worlds bar culture and it became my drink of choice. I’m putting together my own ‘beer-o-graphy’ collecting memorabilia from the different styles of beer and the different countries that I’ve visited. Some of the best bars in the world are right here in Jozi –the rest in Berlin.
Where do you draw inspiration from?
A big inspiration for me comes from my travel – experiencing new cultures through the eyes of its society and this includes our own South Africa. I really pride myself on knowing about and travelling as much of this country as possible. Ive done many cross country road trips with my girlfriend, now wife Taryn, hoping that the South African wanderlust will carry over to my daughter. We just recently completed the SA Bucket List, travelling all 9 provinces with my lil Sophia before she turned 1. No mean feat if you’ve ever travelled with a baby.
What inspired you to travel?
A sense of discovery, wanting to learn and know more and understanding that there is a bigger world outside of your own frame of reference.
How would you describe your style?
Laidback. Shorts and Slops are the order of day, but when I do need to clean up – it has to be my custom detailed Frank Bespoke gear.
Why do you wear a suit?
My style is an extension of my character and a reflection of my mood. I like the confidence that comes with wearing a suit.
What is the style of suit that Frank Bespoke is making for you?
A Navy wool three piece window pane check suit.
What is your definition of ‘the citizen of the world made in Africa’?
Being able to identify with a global consciousness knowing that we share a common heritage and that Africa is our home.
What in life can you not live without?
My family. Really. My job has taken me to every part of the world but I find myself missing home, not just South Africa, but where my family is.

Thanks Keshin

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