Frank Bespoke – Gentlemen’s Stories with Theresho Selesho

We chatted to Theresho at our Frank Bespoke store in Parkhurst.

Who are you?

Theresho Selesho. Originating from Elim, Limpopo. I am a Creative Entrepreneur. Matchbox Live, CEO. I’m involved in the entertainment, communication and hospitality industries.

What are you passionate about?

A few things, but to simplify, I’m passionate about business and creativity and where those two meet and cross and the positive effects that may help in advancing us as people and culture. Through the balancing of these two worlds we learn a lot about ourselves and can advance as a people. It’s an ongoing dialogue between those 2 worlds which must be nurtured.

What makes you the person that you are?

I am a collector of experiences, be it People. Music. Travel. Food. Meeting and working with diverse teams from very various backgrounds and industries stretches one in many ways, which I appreciate. My family is a key part of my life and brings purpose in all my endeavors, their support allows me to thrive.

I am also a big believer in just simply putting in the hours and the work to get things done. This belief has carried me through my young professional life. Nurturing my network and relationships along with seeing people around me grow is vital in how I navigate through life.

What is success to you?

I’m always redefining what success is to me. I always try and completely own every stage of my life, which adds to my growth and the advancement of the people around me including making a dent in the industry that I operate in, which I see as a responsibility, you have to leave the space better than you found it. I was introduced to the idea of “divine discontentment” of one’s past successes while I was working at Ogilvy which I love and have embraced.

What is your drink of choice?

I make myself a mean black Americano or two everyday.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from my family, being in nature, when my mind is still and also being in the middle of the city where everything is happening at once and everyone is busy hustling, building and in motion. We live on a complex yet very exciting continent, which consistently inspires me. The best ideas come to me when I am in transit be it Between Jozi and Cape Town or Jozi and Brussels, Jozi and Accra or Jozi and New York, that’s where some of my best ideas have come from.

So, you get travel often?

I’ve been very fortunate to travel quite a bit…not enough though. Travelling gives me context of where I fit in and where we fit in as an African continent and the contribution that we make as a player in todays world. Context is important. An amazing concept in Europe might do wonders but might not work here at all so I need to understand the context and where a certain idea can live and where it can go and how many people that idea can impact.

Being involved in the inner-city rejuvenation project at 012CENTRAL precinct in Pretoria through the African Beer Emporium has been great in that I am very fond of cultivating projects that connect people and move us forward and make a dent in culture which will outlive all of us.

Being exposed to similar projects work overseas, where creative hubs are taking the lead in the development of cities and entrepreneurs operate in an ecosystem of sharing, learning and advancing a bigger objective then just their own businesses.

How would you describe your style?

Modest & comfortable…with a piece that showcases my personality every now and then.

Why do you wear a suit?

Usually because I have been asked to arrive formally dressed for an occasion. To accommodate the occasion. It is then important that the suit compliments my personality. Frank Bespoke understands that and has made a suit that translates who I am and I feel comfortable in.

What is the style of suit that Frank Bespoke is making for you?

It’s a blue linen wool blend window pane check suit. I wear it with a T-shirt.

What in life can you not live without?

My Family and friends. Oh and music. Always music (laughs).

Thank you Theresho, you are a true Gentleman.
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