Frank Bespoke – Gentlemen’s Stories with Pepi Dimevski

We caught up with Pepi Dimevski at his tattoo shop in Parkhurst to chat about his style, his passions and to get a better understanding of what makes him tick.

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Who are you?
‘Pepi Dimevski. I’m a Tattooist and owner of SA Hardcore Social Club. Originally from Macadonia, I’ve been in South Africa for 14 years now and this is where I started my own tattoo shop. It is a very established tattoo shop today.’
What are you passionate about?
‘Music and tattooing’
What makes you the person that you are?
‘I’m a very dedicated person with everything that I do. I put in 100%.’
What is success to you?
‘To be recognised for what you have been doing all your life, so I hope I will be recognised as a good tattooist and a good musician.’
What’s your drink of choice?
‘Single malt whiskey. I collect whiskey. I will drink any good whiskey from peated to non- peated and salty to spicy. If I’m having a cigar with my whiskey I will choose a whiskey that is matured in a cherry cask which is a little sweeter or matured in a bourbon cask. I will always have a very peated whiskey after a meal, so it’s hard for me to choose a single whiskey that I enjoy because I enjoy them all.’
You’ve just spoken about cigars. Do you always have whiskey with your cigars?
‘I smoke one cigar a day, on the weekend I smoke two cigars a day. I also enjoy my cigars with wine or if I’m chilling at home I’ll have it with a whiskey.’
Where do draw inspiration from:
a. Music?
‘Bands inspire me. Music from many different genres from old school blues folk to punk and hardcore inspires me. But in general, daily lifestyle inspires me too.’
b. Art?
‘Now it is for sure a lifestyle of tattooing but in the beginning when I started tattooing obviously I had more time to draw, so I would draw a lot, and I get to draw every day. Tattooing is drawing up custom designs or even freehand work that we do straight on to the skin. I have been tattooing for 22 years and have gone through many styles throughout all that time and I enjoy all styles but people do recognise my work more as a black and grey religion themed angelic style.’
How would you describe your style?
‘Gentleman’s style’
Why do you wear a suit?
‘When I was much younger my father always used to say, “You cannot leave the house in the same clothes that you wear at home.” I didn’t get his point back then, but I really liked that when I finally understood it and was inspired by living a gentleman’s lifestyle, I used to say, “One day when I grow up I will wear suits every day.” and now if you come to my tattoo shop you will see me in a suit every single day!’
What is your definition of a gentleman’s lifestyle?
‘To put an effort into how you dress, to look decent, to look unique, to be original and different. Especially being a tattooist and running a tattoo shop, I think that it is quite unique and special to always wear a suit. Grooming is also important, it is the full package, to look decent and sharp.’
What in life can you not live without?
‘Music. Music inspires me every single day. I play music. I create music. I’ve been playing all of my life.’
What is the style of suit that Frank Bespoke is making for you?
‘At the moment they are busy with a Super 160, pure wool, light grey suit with a subtle pink and burgundy window pane check. The style is more old school, 20’s, 30’s three piece with broad peak lapels. I normally go for an old school vintage, darker looking suit but I’ve now gone for a lighter coloured suit for spring and summer.’
What are your signature details when commissioning a suit?
‘I like to have one button on the sleeve instead of four, so one big button hole, and a hand stitched little cross on the button hole. It has no meaning it’s just something different and a signature look for my suits.’
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