Dan Patlansky – Frank Bespoke Interview – Blues Rock Musician

Who are you?
Dan Patlansky. Blues Rock musician.
What are you passionate about?
Vintage guitars, and the blues.
What makes you the person that you are?
Passion is everything for me. Passion equals success.
What is success to you?
Earning a living out of something you love doing.
What is your drink of choice?
Single malt scotch.
What is your favourite guitar to play?
Fender Stratocaster.
There was a story doing the rounds a while back that you had to leave a guitar in New Orleans when it flooded in 2005, would you elaborate please and what happened to that guitar?
When evacuating I had to leave the guitar behind because of limited space. I wrote the guitar off before what I saw on TV. A year later my US band flew into SA for a show and they brought the guitar back with them. Strings were a bit rusty but that was the extent of the damage. Played that guitar on the gig that night. Still play it today.
Where do you draw inspiration from?
Other artists always inspire me and are my main source of inspiration.
How would you describe your dress style?
Classic meets rock ‘n roll.
Why do you wear a suit jacket and jeans?
I feel if I wear a full suit it will not represent me personally. I like to mess up a classic look with wearing jeans to dirty up the look.
What is the style of suit jackets that Frank Bespoke is making for you?
It is a medium blue Prince of Wales check sports coat with a double breasted chocolate brown crosshatch vest. They also made a custom silk fender guitar lining.
What in life can you not live without?
My family, and guitars.

Thank you Dan, you are a true Gentleman.
Frank Bespoke – Fit For Every Gentleman


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