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Bespoke Shoes

Our made to measure men’s shoes are designed on the basis of your special and detailed needs, they are not simply functional shoes, they become an expertly crafted and curated jewel for your feet, unique shoes hand manufactured by experienced traditional Italian craftsmen.

Our shoes are bench made by some of the most prestigious craftsmen in the world, Frank Bespoke bench made shoes proposes to our demanding customers classical designs in a wide selection of top quality leathers, as well as a selection of original exotic leathers to choose from, we can also hand craft soft bespoke Italian loafers as well as sneakers that are of unmatched beauty and comfort for business men, grooms and style conscious gentlemen with exacting requirements for excellence in good quality personalized footwear.

The bespoke bench made shoes by Frank Bespoke are not merely comfortable shoes, they are exclusive pieces of shoe hand craftsmanship, always different, always original, always thought out for that special client. Only in this way our made to measure men’s shoes will truly express our clients exact style.


Frank Bespoke offers a wide array of carefully thought out and curated accessories and in limited addition to put that final very important touch to your look, these accessories will help to breathe some originality into your look and truly separate you from the rest.

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